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  • Mr. Miyagi Wash - Car

    • 1 - Pre Wash: Non Caustic citrus foam and jet wash to remove intial layer of dirt from alloys, tyes, bodywork, window trims, door/boot/engine bays ledges, wheel arches & under chassis.

    2 - Alloy Wheel Clean: Non acid alloy cleaner agitated by specialized brushes designed to clean every nook and cranny of alloys. Wheels rolled 180 degrees and process repeated for thorough cleaning. Note: Laquer safe acid based cleaner used to remove severe cases of breakdust build up.

    3 - Snow Cannon Shampoo: A layer of slick Shampoo is applied to the vehicle and hand washed with plush microfibre pads starting from the top and working downwards always in straight motions. The bottom 10 inches around the car is washed using a seperate mitt to avoid contamination before rinsing.

    4 - H.D Spray Wax: application of a high definition spray wax and rinsed again for immediate hydrophobic beading effect.

    5 - Blow Dry: Using a twin motor, filtered air blaster the heavy layer of water sitting on the car is blasted off. This is ideal to remove water from hard to reach areas such as wing mirrors, alloys, doorledges and behind door handles and reg plates. No plastic or rubber squeegees are used at any stage by our staff.

    6 - Microfibre Towel Dry: Remaining water is then dried using a soft, plush microfibre towel. A seperate towel is used to dry off door, boot and engine bay ledges.

    7 - Detailer Spray: For added depth, shine and protection of the paintwork, a layer of Detailer Spray is applied to the bodywork and buffed off using a thick microfibre cloth.

    8 - Exterior Glass Clean: Glass cleaned using alcohol based cleaner and specialised glass cloth for a smear free finish.

    9 - Tyre Shine: Tyre walls are painted with a quick drying silicone based dressing to leave tyres conditioned and looking brand new. Tyres blasted again with the air dryer to make sure no slinging occurs.

    10 - Final Check: Walk- around of vehicle to make sure it is in tip top shape before leaving the premises.

    60 minutes, €25.00

  • Mr. Miyagi Wash & Interior Glass (Car)

    60 minutes, €30.00

  • Mr. Miyagi Wash - Suv/ Van / 7 Seater

    60 minutes, €30.00

  • Mr. Miyagi Wash & Interior Glass (suv/van/7 Seater)

    60 minutes, €35.00

  • Mini Detail(Allow 3hrs) - Car

    All the Mr. Miyagi Wash & Interior Glass Clean has to offer plus a detailed paintwork decontamination process as follows..

    - Iron Wash & Clay Mitt to remove iron Particles & Fallout.

    - Tar Spotting Removal

    - Coat of long lasting Hard Wax for added shine & protection.

    *Please allow 3 hours for this service.

    60 minutes, €75.00

  • Mini Detail(Allow 3hrs) - Jeep/van/7 Seater

    60 minutes, €85.00

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